Welcome to The La Center Historical Museum

New Displays

I found the old mail bag that the post office donated years ago in the back of a closet, totally white with dust and didn't realize until I cleaned it, that it said US Mail!!!  I highlighted the letters with a marker then rubbed saddle soap into it - came out great!  Then I found old postcards that say LC and put them along with the old mail sachel with all the letters in it  and the old typewriter in the case.  This display is right up front under the security code box.

The "virtural" posters are of Capt.'s Weir, Hill & Moe.
I have not had them printed yet as will need a vote.
They'd cost about $40 each.

I moved the chair from the logging room just for
Murray :-)

I moved the music case from the back wall.

I moved the organ to the front window along with the spinning wheel.

I moved Jack up front just for Candi!!  I framed some logging photos and put a bunch into the flip display.  The steam donkey still needs to be moved 
beside Jack.

I created a poster board for Timmen's to go above their organ in the "Founders" room.

I moved Jeff's Indian artifacts -

I created a poster board for Pollock and put above their case.

I moved Margaret 

I moved the Soehl family display into the "town's people" room.  There will be Margaret, the Soehl's, the Doctors and Midwife in there.  The steam donkey needs moved before I can finish arranging.

I also wanted to show you the before and after cleaning of the propane tank along with how the landscapers cleaned up the garage side yard.  They also transfered the gravel pile to the path down to the gate.